'Toddler Star Wars Lightsaber' fight, now with Dramatic Sound


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Surprised the kid didn’t get scooped up for the Jedi Academy.


Too old. Much too old to begin the training.


But what if he is… The One?


Dad should know you are not allowed to cut off more than a hand from your child.


At a time or total?
(Asking for a friend.)


Its cute to see Jason Statham having family time! :wink:


Was better than the movies.


“I have seen a security hologram of him . . . killing younglings.”


Honestly, the Intergalactic Lightsaber Dueling Federation needs to look into that fight. I had money on the kid to win (have you seen his midichlorians…? They’re off the fucking chart!), but he went down after just the barest scratch. You ask me, he took a dive.


These are not the scammers you are looking for.


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