Mark Hamill was reunited with his lightsaber from Return Of The Jedi


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Nice! Glad the world still has room for simple pleasures.
Seriously though no snark intended here.
Now back to work y’all.


i actually got a chill and now have tears in my eyes. i’m such a fanboy.


I kept noticing how the lightsaber was pointed at the other guys head-- they should be more careful in case he accidentally turns it on.


An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.



Apart from using it to murder jedi younglings and chopping off your best friend’s legs and leaving him to die in a lava pit.


well, yeah, that kinda goes without saying.


Since episode 3 it goes without saying. Before? Not so much.


[FSM help me, I’m such a geek…]

Wrong lightsaber. This is the lightsaber Luke built after losing dear ol’ dad’s.


Heh heh yup, it is indeed.

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