Toggle for 'Nice/Good Post' badge notifications?


I’ve reach a point in my Discourse usage where only reply and mention notifications give me that microgram shot of dopamine that keeps me coming back. I like my likes and it’s always nice to know when the BB community really digs one of my posts. But it’s very likely I already know this because I’m involved in the discussion anyway.

@codinghorror: is it feasible to implement a toggle for notification of specific badges?


Side effect of ∞ likes perhaps?


No, I think @Snowlark has just been ramping up their posting habits recently.


It would be interesting to data-mine things after the increase in likes and see if there’s been a spike in like-related badge awards. Not sure if there’s enough data yet though.


But see? It’s just after 3 p.m. and I’d normally be out of likes. Alas, there’d be no likes for your pithy comeback. This way you know we love and appreciate your snark! :innocent:


Yeah, it has been a slow work week for me. My brain gets restless when I don’t have enough assignments lined up.


It would be interesting to see. It’s only my subjective opinion, but I feel I’ve been giving out less likes since the increase.


I think the Good Post/Nice Post/Nice Share etc notifications are completely useless. I’d love to turn them off. What am I supposed to do with this notification? What value does it add? It’s just noise. Replies/PMs are the only things that need notifications.

Same deal with the Like notifications. At least you can turn that down to just the first instance on each post. When it was every ‘like’ it was absurd.


Yeah, how do I turn my Nice/Good Post notification back on? It obviously got turned off somehow, I haven’t had one in yonks.


No… really… that is all.

Open to allowing you to suppress badge notifications, but I don’t really want to add huge amounts of fidelity there, happy to add an on/off switch.

Also, for the record, you can make like notifications A LOT quieter, in fact they go all the way to volume 0.


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