Tokyo travel tips, day 4 (part 2): pork guts and fighting robots

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I went to Robot Restaurant the last time I was in Japan a couple years ago, and had a blast. But you’re right, the food is pretty bad – don’t make it a real dinner.

I will say, I got pretty bad food poisoning last time I was in Japan. Raw pork sashimi (I’m thinking that’s likely what it was)? Risky! I like it. I think the almost-raw chicken liver did me in, but I also did raw egg, beef, fish (obviously), so who knows…

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The show is actually pretty amazing. it only sort of has a plot. I think toward the end they just put out more and more gaudy floats, and costumed actors, and dinosaurs and what not, and let the audience try to figure it out. And all the time the floor to ceiling video screens are broadcasting … I don’t know … jungle landscapes and stuff, with girls from the show superimposed on it. It is total sensory overload.

Kabukicho is interesting in that its got “red light” stuff but much more than that in terms of entertainment, food, drinks, etc. The big movie theater in the “Godzilla building” is me and the wife’s favorite since its probably the closest to where we live and the most recently built so good screens, sound and comfy seats. Shinjuku’s city hall building is also located in Kabukicho.

Here’s a few pictures of the area

Never been there but from what I understand the “food” is just to satisfy the place being licensed as a restaurant.


It was probably “basashi” or horse sashimi. You often find it on the menu in many Tokyo izakaya. I actually like the flavor, which is milder than beef. I’ve also tried “kujira”, which is whale meat. That one I didn’t care for. The flavor was a lot stronger than I expected.


So cool! I cannot wait till we go to Japan. My nephew has a restaurant in Japan and is married to a wonderful woman from there.
Thanks you guys sharing this journey with us all.


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