Vlogger visits Los Angeles establishents with 1-star Yelp ratings

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Not to defend this place (because it looked super gross), but I’m a little baffled by her complaining about how thin the beef for the hot pot was. Hot pot meat is always cut paper-thin so that it’ll cook quickly in the boiling broth. Has she never gone to a hot pot before?

But yeah, $10 one-star buffet sushi is a really, really bad idea.


Yeah the concept for the videos i guess is ok, but i personally would not risk my health for this kind of content


is there a way to give a 1-star Yelp review for a video that doesn’t need to be 20 minutes long, but is?


The video needs subtitles so that English speakers can understand whatever it is she is attempting to say.


It shouldn’t even need to be said, really… That’s the perfect storm of things that are likely to make you sick.


That’s ballsy, eating in those places takes courage, really.


There was a time in my life when I’d laugh at the idea of getting sick from cut-rate buffet sushi and cheerfully eat the stuff fearlessly.

After being hospitalized for food poisoning (not from buffet sushi), it’s not something I want to tread near anytime again. I wish her and her tummy all the best and hope she has some azithromycin handy.


I understood her perfectly.

BTW: The video has ‘cc’.


There was an old SNL skit where Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen played married art dealers and they spoke in a bizarre undulating accent not unlike this vlogger. Fascinating really. I had no idea it was a real thing.

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Maybe I’m not the target demographic, but I found her annoying and over the top. The incessant cutting and jumping edits threw me off. The sound wasn’t consistent either: sometimes she’s hardly audible, other times she’s shouting. Made me turn up the sound, turn it back down, back up.
If the first twenty seconds of a video are meant to entice me, it totally didn’t work.
May work for kids, though: I know my teenage kids watch this kind of shouting all the time.


Not even joking. I was the same untill fried rice at a very sketchy asian place got me the runs not even a hour later. I learned to check the reviews on yelp and google maps, because I have no desire tho spend another day on the toilet.
Also there is an vietnamese take out here in Frankfurt that has mostly terrible reviews (with the owner answering and cussing out the reviewers als honourless liars with fake accounts in broken German) and the only good reviews are from people with vietnamese names. Hmmm…

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683,514 views and 1,760 comments on YouTube. People are watching this. Had it not been posted here I would probably never found it but now that I’ve seen it I can see the allure of the concept.

Been there, done that, though mine wasn’t bad enough to require antibiotics or hospitalization. It was bad enough to lay me low for three days, though. It wasn’t buffet or gas station sushi, a bad order of jambalaya at a Popeye’s in NW Indiana (which tasted “off” enough for me to not finish) did me in. It took years before I could even look at jambalaya after that, until I went to the Maple Tree Inn in Blue Island (now rebuilding after a catastrophic fire) and got a superb plate of it.

Well, that seems ok.
And everyone knows that honourless liars don’t like Vietnamese food.

Where I live in Nottingham UK there is a takeaway that is beloved of the community called the Kyber Pass.

It was shut down because human feces was found in the food (my guess is hand hygene not special ingredient).

People went to prison. It reopened under a new name.

A few months later it went back to the old name.

That, is strong branding.

I love that place.

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it was potato salad at a work event for me. After kneeling by the toilet until late in the night I couldn’t eat potato salad for a few years after that.
To be perfectly accurate, I think it was the potato salad. It could have been anything.

I’ve had it twice, both times from excellent restaurants that I’ve been to since without any problems: once from a dish of cochinita pibil from a Mexican place and once from scallops at a steakhouse. When I went to the doctor for the latter, she said “you’re our fourth case of food poisoning from scallops this week!” Seafood’s tricky stuff.

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Call your local health dept when a place makes you sick, if they get similar calls from other people they investigate.

Those dang sysco buffets ruined chinese food across the country.

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