Guy puts a camera onto a sushi conveyor belt and the result is a sweet little movie

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I love sushi. If you ever come to San Diego, try Sushi Deli, they are peppered around the greater San Diego. Not the best sushi you’ll ever have, but the best time you’ll have at a sushi joint.


loved every second of it!


Beautiful, even the little twerp who had to give the finger! I was bummed it didn’t continue down the next row!


The best sushi I’ve ever had was at a ¥100 per plate conveyor belt sushi place in Osaka. 2nd best was the sushi stand at Narita airport.

Like eating at In-N-Out in California, location is everything.


I loved this little video! I can see an indie film in the future with a scene such as this. Also, the music is so good I had to Shazam it. It’s Idealism - Don’t Say a Word.


As noted in the twitter verse… This video caused quite a stir in Japan and the sushi chain put a no photography ban in place because of this.

It is a fascinating video but Privacy seems to be dealt with differently in Japan.


Doing stuff like this with strangers is not OK.


Incorrect. Doing stuff like this and publishing without permission is not OK. Photographing anything in public is, or should be allowed. – Note vs. other BB story: the camera was in very plain sight, unlike that bathroom deodorizer-cam.


Plain sight or not, they had no ability to avoid the camera that was unceremoniously forced into their dinner. I don’t care if you never show the video to another soul. Don’t film me while I’m dining.

Let me put it this way: this stunt is the privacy equivalent of pulling up a chair to a table full of strangers and silently watching them eat. I’m not saying it’s illegal. It’s just creepy and wrong and don’t do it.


Except it is not in public. This is a private establishment, hence the management exercising there right to ban photography.


I also feel it was in bad taste. I think one of the diners should have just flipped the camera lens down to put an end to the voyeurism.

If you want to watch people eat, this guy’s got some pointers:


Please do not encourage this sort of ass-hattery with views.


This video could be a violation of these individuals’ “portrait rights” and is also potentially unsanitary. The guy that did it is a dingus and I hope he gets banned from the country for his efforts.


Something like this has been done before, surely? But with professional actors, of course. And dramatic speed-ups and reversals thrown in at random intervals. (ETA: The aforementioned Kotaku article indicates that it is indeed so.)

I agree it’s very twee , but I immediately started wondering if they next put a stack of film contracts on the conveyor.

I wonder how many cameras are in the restaurant, recording every movement, how much time was spent there, how many calories were eaten, who they ate with, how long they spent in the restroom, how many texts they sent?

But this sushi camera is the one too many?


Amidst the outrage no one is going to mention that the Twitter guy just took an existing video, truncated it, sped it up, and added stupid music?

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IANAL but pretty strongly suspect this video being put up for broadcast violates multiple Japanese laws unless everyone in sight of the camera signed a release covering both their likeness and any possible personal information within frame.

In Japan a restaurant does count as a public space in terms of photography and videography.

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Surprised to see so many people outraged over this. Photography bans on airplanes are pretty much universally panned on this site, but somehow sushi restaurants should be sacrosanct?

And sanitation concerns, really? This is a place where people put hand rolls in their mouths with their hands and then surely touch the belt picking up the next plate.

I can see how Japanese have different cultural expectations, but is America turning Japanese, I really think so.

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