Vlogger visits Los Angeles establishents with 1-star Yelp ratings

I like the idea, but oh, my, gawd, what an annoying video presentation.


best short story ever told!

taji from vice has been doing this and his videos have a much better production value and are nowhere near as annoying as mar’s videos. she is unwatchable and annoying AF:


Yeah. Food poisoning is an unfun 48hrs to a week, but parasites are forever.


So you’re giving her a one star review? So isn’t a one starred places reviewed by a one star reviewer extra meta?


That and hepatitis, and God knows what other horrible things one can get when food is prepared in poor sanitary conditions.



I know it is not everything but at least the health department rates this place an A.

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I’m with you, I was watching with the sound off trying to read the subtitles, but the cut-zoom in-cut-zoom in further-cut-zoom back out-cut-add cutesy graphic. Ahhhh! just had to hit stop. Where do they teach editing like this?


Potato Salad sitting out in the sun while the boss drones on about productivity that year and hands out awards and goes over the special mentions has sickened many an office party attendee.

Lucky for me I hate the taste of vinegar which means no mayo which cuts out most summer salads. I’ve dodged a few cases of food poisoning by skipping the potato/pasta salad.

The fact that everything just tasted “wrong” or “off” makes me think the equipment/cooking oil, etc. is not being properly cleaned. Shocked this place is still open, and has an A rating!!

I agree, the A rating is questionable.

However, buffets like this get all of their dishes from cans and bags and is super cheap. The best chefs in the world can’t make this processed crap taste like healthy fresh food prepared in a clean kitchen.

I mean… Im more confused about why a video review is even needed. It’s crap food, prepared by minimum wage chefs, what is anyone expecting? The ONLY reason people go to these places is to over eat carbs and sugars for $10.

I guess if it’s too jumpy, you’re too old?

But then I’m too old too. I tried watching it, but all the jump cuts and the way she was talking threw me out of it.

In the amount of time I watched, I would swear she said “you guys” more times than a season of The Electric Company. Also, I’m old enough to remember The Electric Company.

My wife, who’s a few years younger than me, enjoyed the video. We are at odds on that.

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I’m eating in a place like that right now. Umm…excuse me!!!

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And also, 1/4 star for the editing style. Argh!!!

Are you saying there was too much… repetition?


It was just an observation. Probably just a coincidence.

That’s for the strain of Hepatitis.


Places can get one-star ratings simply for pissing off the wrong reviewer. It’s OK to get a second opinion; they may be unearthing an unfairly hidden gem.

Or they could be learning just how deservéd that one star rating really is.

Mostly it’s the latter.

I guess so… if someone has not yet experienced the disappointment of sysco bag food and wants to judge for themselves.

Otherwise, not much more to say other than “shitty bag food kept warm under buffet lights tastes like shitty bag food kept warm under buffet lights”. Maybe the one star could be awarded for not getting sick? :slight_smile:

Painful affectation.

Generally I’m not a big fan of affected quirks, but I do try not to take it personally.