Tolkien elf or prescription drug name?


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I scored 23; maybe I should have got higher, considering my country was the home of both Tolkien and the National Elf Service.


16 of 30. That was hard!


 20. And yes, the naming scheme is very similar - but I missed prescription elf as option.


I came out about the same. Might as well have been tossing a coin.


Are supposed to click if we’ve taken it before, or just if we know what it is?



…I have read The Silmarillion way too many times.


I got a 24, but it would have been a 26, if the webpage didn’t have so many ads that I mis-pressed twice on my iPad. Helps that I’m a pharmacy technician, though there were quite a few drugs I had no clue were drugs, just that they had the right “name feel” for drugs.


23, which I’m quite happy with. It denotes the right amount of passing familiarity with both Lord of the Rings and Prescription drugs, without crying out for an intervention for either.


I scored 18. I suck.


I got 17, which just tells me that it might as well be random, since I definitely knew only a handful, and was equally “pretty sure” about all the rest of my guesses, right or wrong.


I only got 20 too. Some of the elves I recognized, but I don’t think I recognized any of the drug names.



Cuddly and warming in its pronunciation.


I got 23 by oscillating between the choice of elf/drug. The answers weren’t very randomized.


23 out of 30… Not too bad. A fair amount of guessing, mainly based on how I remember Tolkien spelled names.

[ETA] Also, the thing kept hitting on me, between like every 4th or 5th question, or some such. :frowning:


I should try finishing that one of these days… It is good but too much like a history book instead of an adventure tale. I can only read that for so long before getting distracted by some other reading.


Yeah, the names ending in “-il” I generally guessed as Tolkien, though the twin spectres of Gardasil and Vagisil, exiled elf-princesses of ancient Venera, always haunted my every decision.


22, which means I don’t think I need to get a Tolkien intervention.


It hit on me a few times also. I only got 7 in (2 right lol) before I decided I was doing too badly to bother continuing.

Pft. You got over 70% right. Elf-vention, now. :angry:


19 and even if I had read the books I would totally have forgotten all the names by now.