The secret behind daft drug names


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I give you Proloxil.

My own creation to the naming form, from 2003 or so.

I like the use drugs as character names for RPGs and online games and such.

Ditropan the Paladin: Slays evil, stops you from peeing your pants!


I’m not too happy about the side effects of prozac either. It’s destroyed my libido permanently as far as I can tell, since I stopped taking it a number of years ago.

But I’m also pretty sure I would have killed myself if I didn’t take antidepressants.

was it worth it? I’m honestly not sure. Living is alright I guess. Although my personality has been altered to the point of being a different person.


Several decades ago, I compiled a list of pharmaceutical product names and placed it next to a list of characters from “Lord of the Rings”. Uncomfortably similar, let me tell you…


I worked for a drug company about 9 years ago, and the basic rule was that a product name has to have a Z, X or V in it, in order to be memorable. Somehow, before that policy began (because we hadn’t been acquired by a megalithic corporation yet, I’d guess), we managed to put out an arthritis pain drug called “DayPro” which I thought sounded like dog food… but better than the proposed “DuraPro” which sounds like house paint.

But seriously, folks, are electronics brands any better? Viera, Bravia…

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Solution: give every drug a unique number and require all communications between doctors, hospitals and pharmacies use that number when referring to the drug. This is similar to when you’re ordering off a menu in a foreign language and are having trouble pronouncing the name so you just order by number.

I’ll have what she’s having.


Is there a drug that can coax my balls down into their proper position after they crawled up into my abdomen after reading “castration resistant prostate cancer”?


Surely your personality change comes from the depression itself (and what caused it), not the medication.

I has happened to me as well (although the libido part was temporary).

Was worth it? Yes, neither you or me killed ourselves. That´s me point.


Just great – the drug name generator now has me worried about ear irregularity…


There is at least one antidepressant that has the opposite effect. It’s kind of fun. Ask your doctor.

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I tried Wellbutrin (Bupropion) before being switched to Lexapro, then to Prozac when the Lexapro was ineffective. The Wellbutrin was an attempt to treat both ADD and depression simultaneously with a single drug. It was effective for depression, but not ADD, and had the side effect of making me manic and sexually aggressive. After about two weeks I was pretty sure it would be only a matter of time before I ended up going too far and assaulting someone. It was damn scary how out of control I felt.

Nowadays I’m satisfied just saying screw it, and leaving things as they are. I’ve had my fill of my doctors experimenting on my brain chemistry, even if it was for my own good. At the time it was necessary, but now I’d rather live with the current less than great setup than risk terrifying adverse reactions by tinkering with it.

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I don’t care why they thought “Humira” sounded right, but the commercial pronounces it like hugh MARE uh. In what American regional dialect of English is the letter “i” pronounced as a long A? WTFBBQ? Either the arbitrary spelling of a made-up word is wrong or the pronunciation is wrong. God help the little children who accidentally learn that the letter i can make a long A sound in English because HUMIRA. Won’t somebody think of the chaldren?

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You demanded it. Enjoy.

I like that. What about something in between - name/number - sortof like cars or motorcycles - KLR650, for example.

I would suggest against asking that way. Off label uses, while very fun in this case, can get your doctor in trouble and so they’re less likely to be amenable. LDoBe mentioned taking Buproprion already so it looks like they are SOL on this one.

It’s unfortunate how many people have trouble with Buproprion. When I was on it, it was like a miracle. I’ve never felt so happy (or not-sad, at least) and it didn’t hurt me in any way. Everyone else I know who has taken it has had bad experiences. When I get my shit together to get another psychiatrist, etc. I’ll be looking to get it again. I’m sad so few people get the same positive experience from it.

RU-486, JWH-018 There’s a long list of research chemicals that don’t have branded names but do have trial numbers.

Fun Fact! One of Tolkien’s original names for Celeborn, Lord of Lothlórien and husband to Galadriel, was “Teleporno.”

Dodged a bullet there.

Citation needed!

The name is composed of telepi and orno (Primitive Elvish ornâ “uprising, tall”).