Naming prescription drugs


I still want to believe that a rejected name for Viagra was Mycoxafloppin.

Ha ha. The way I parsed that was
okay, prefix myco. . . mushroom reference?
um, but cox typically refers to cyclooxegenase
floppin. . . what class or drug is floppin supposed to be? Is that supposed to be some kind of play on floxacin? none of this makes sense

And then I tried pronouncing it, and discovered I had been overthinking it a bit

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Novawang also failed to make the cut.

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Haha, completely nobbled by actual domain knowledge.

Cialis’ generic is Tadalafil, I can only hope the Tada! part is intentional. (Though realistically it’s Tadal- and probably not really.)

I call mine ‘Benny’

Premarin: The estrogen replacement drug. = Pre gnant Horse( mar e) Ur in e

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Best prescription drug name ever has to be heroin. Not really ‘prescription’ I guess, cos it was over-the-counter at the time.

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