TOM THE DANCING BUG: Bill Cosby's Fat Albert, in " 'Lude Awakening"!

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Roll music:

Hey hey hey!
It’s Faaaaat Albert!
I’m gonna make a drink for you
Then I’m gonna show you a thing or two
I’ll have some fun now
A semi-conscious"fling"
Hope you don’t remember
How I did my thing
Shhh shhh shhh gonna have a good time!

This is Bill Cosby coming out with roofies and fun
If I’m not careful, you may wake up before it’s done!
Shh shh shh gonna have a good time!


I guess Picture Pages don’t lend themselves nearly so well to these sorts of lessons.

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Way to shit on a nice piece of my childhood.

“I’m here to eat Pudding Pops and grope drugged co-eds, and I’m all out of Pudding Pops!”


I think Cosby himself already did that.


Maybe I’m the storage one but I differentiate the creator from their work. Of course this is why I prefer to know nothing at all about the personal lives of creators. I studiously avoid non technical interviews of any creator I am even vaguely familiar with.

Fat Albert was great kids TV in its time and is still something I’d show my own kids if I had any.

Not sure how a comic strip on the internet constitutes shitting all over your or your (eventual) kids’ ability to watch the show all you want. For someone that studiously avoids such things, you should perhaps be more careful regarding the links you click on – “Lude Awakening” in the Fat Albert link might have been a giveaway here.


Animaniacs, um, weigh in on the virtues of the Cosby Kids cartoon.

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Uh-uh. Unfair tactic. They didn’t say they avoided everything related to celebrity news. They only said they avoid interviews. You can’t really shame them for doing something they never said they don’t do.

10-yard penalty.

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Why is that cartoon person holding a pink vibrator? :smile:


and then drawing a dick with a lot of pubes?


You are right, my bad. Though this wasn’t an interview so your previous words were off target.

In light of the above I will pass on this.

Au contraire. Since I explicitly said “for one who studiously avoids such things”, which, based on your stated reason for avoiding interviews (specifically, you prefer to know nothing about the personal lives of the creators) my words of wisdom were perfectly pertinent. “Such things” refers to information that reveals more about the creator of the art in question, not interviews specifically. Since you had such a negative reaction to this comic, you might do well to avoid more than just interviews.

You can stop patting yourself on the back any time now. You don’t have to be double right, even on the internet.

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Now I realize why my parents banned me from watching Animaniacs as a kid. Learning about and understanding satire tends to ruin the indoctrination process in a strictly fundie household.

Now I have to go and watch all those cartoons as an adult.


It was a subtle nod to their desire to call it “Dick-ture Pages”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Might I suggest giving Pinky and The Brain and Freakazoid a try as well. They’re hit and miss (and 90s dated), but to the learned adult mind I believe the hits can be surprisingly satisfying. I don’t think they were ever really meant for children.


You’re going to love wrapping your head around the Animaniac’s “Wheel of Morality.”


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