TOM THE DANCING BUG: From the Front Lines of the War on Seat Reclines


Doesn’t look like a lateral assault to me. In a two-seat configuration, the ownership of the central armrest is disputed territory. If it isn’t occupied, it can be claimed.

In rows with odd numbers of seats, the usual rules apply.


4 inches of space? That’s generous for today’s standards!

Seriously, this would not be a problem if airlines weren’t assholes and accepted that there are people with longer legs.

Todo: built-in knee pads for trousers.


Come back with your shield… or on it.

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4 inches of space? Is the author a little person? I start with zero and it goes down from there.


I feel sorry for persons who are average height and above. It doesn’t bother me when the person in the seat in front of me reclines, because I’m short enough that my knees never get hit. However I’m sure airlines will change that soon.


I thought for sure the superhero Knee Defender would come to the guy’s rescue.

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