TOM THE DANCING BUG: Hard Times in VHS Country


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH, even though techonology has moved on, the government tries desperately to save the VHS cassette-makin’ way of life.



Yes, this is a complete sentence.


In the next comic, we find out that the people who most need to understand this comic just won’t get it.


Unfortunately Trump also promised to boost the DVD and Blu-Ray industries.


Make fossils great again!


Uncook that omelette!



Beautiful clean VHS…


I bet if I posted a link to it on Breitbart, they’d think it was great without getting it at all.

ETA: Done. (Trouble is, I’ll probably get upvotes from fellow Soros-paid trolls.)


If only making VHS tapes destroyed your lungs and significantly contributed to messing up the climate in a bad way.


Especially now that they’re CLEAN VHS TAPES!


Burn enough of them and I expect they will.


I think I seen what you did there.


Maybe not having another child would help. Yes, I know it’s a cartoon buit it’s a reflection of reality also.


I forgot, these poor saps proably don’t believe in contraception. Maybe the rythm method?


VHS people… They hit eject.


Yes, because only rich people should breed.


You know what? Screw that “shaming the poor for having the gall to reproduce” bullshit. Maintaining free agency over the decision of if and when to have children is one of the most fundamental human rights we have.


Silly! Human rights are ONLY for those who can afford them! /s


"If you don’t have VHS, you don’t have a country!"

(It’s amazing this comic is applicable to multiple industries, although the faded industry that Trump is upsetting the apple cart to “help” is the one that actually saw significant growth under Obama, something Trump doesn’t mention - or seem aware of.)
I have to wonder where Trump gets these ideas that particular industries are vital to America (beyond just saying that to get the support of people working in marginal industries); moreover he seems to have gotten these ideas back in the '80s, and seems unaware that things have changed.

And only those whose wealth comes from not working. After all, you can lose a job and have your fortunes decline, and we can’t have those people having children, either - they, too, might become poor at some point. Look, basically only people with wealthy families who will bail them out no matter what happens to them or how many times they might fuck up should have children. You know, people like Trump. Because that’s the ideal family situation.


Ahh, “Technology has moved on”, the mating call of the corporate globalist. Yes, “technology” decided that it was cheaper to export manufacturing and undercut expensive domestic labor. Then it “moved on” to making trade agreements that strengthened various forms of property. “Technology” sure seems to have it in for the American working class.