TOM THE DANCING BUG: How to Tell the Difference Between an Open-Carry Patriot and a Deranged Killer


Hey man, they started it

… and then they quickly passed a law banning people from carrying loaded guns in public.

So maybe if people want to get more gun control laws enacted, we need more black people willing to test the existing laws. Some brave, brave black people…


Guns are so scary. But how to know if someone has a bomb in their backpack? Is that just a student slouching under the weight of all those books, or is that a crazed teen or 20-something about to drop off a pressure cooker bomb that is in that backpack?


Hmm, I kinda don’t think that black people should be expected or even called upon to take up this fight.

Anyway, it seems sure to backfire, since the mighty corporate/right-wing media machine has had a lot of practice separating Problems With Those Black People from Threats To “Our” (White Patriots’) Freedoms.


Most gang members make it VERY OBVIOUS they are in a gang – that’s part of the point of being in a gang. Colors, style of dress, TATTOOS (which make it very, very easy to identify them).

How to tell if someone is not a gang member? They don’t have gang tattoos.

Your analogy is faulty.


It’s legal to own a chainsaw and a hockey mask, right?


Nope show up dressed exactly like them with a toy rifle that has a dildo stuck on the end of it – stand near them with the same pose that they adopt.
They are just perverts publicly exposing their powder-penis – people need to demonstrate blatantly what they are doing.

(of course you will need to use a non-anatomically correct dildo because otherwise you will get arrested for exposing children to dangerous things)

University of Texas students protesting open carry gun law with open carry dildo protest

Seriously? This is one of the most asinine things I have ever seen. Criminals don’t care if open carry is allowed or not. Criminals don’t care if they can buy a gun from a legitimate store. Making citizens into criminals does nothing but help the government.

I have the right to any weapon my government has. Period. That is the purpose of the 2nd amendment. Not to make me look like a jackass, but to keep our country free from a tyrannical government. So those of you opposing weapons in the hands of free citizens… why do you care? Will it stop a school shooting? Nope, know why, they will get that weapon from a less legal source if they really wanted it. Bombs are made of everyday products. Does banning bombs help? Nope. Because then you’d have to ban every product that could potentially be used to create one. Has anyone seen that list?

You seriously think that more legislation on guns will keep mass incidents from happening? You are living in fantasy land. All that will do is unarm people who already abide by current laws and leave all weapons in the hands of people who don’t give a damn about the law anyway. Wake up. Do your research. Stop being afraid of a piece of metal. Guns don’t kill people… people do. In the hands of someone with ill intent your laws won’t stop them anyway.


Oh really? Where do you keep your nuclear weapon?


Or even just a hand grenade…


Sure, but what does it mean if he has Hydrox cookies?

  1. I’m sorry that you don’t understand the 2nd amendment. That’s sad.
  2. I think everyone here heard a whooshing sound as the point of this comic went sailing waaay over your head. Have you been following the various “open carry displays” put on by groups of open carry enthusiasts, where they flash-mob various fast food establishments, food courts, and public spaces brandishing assault weaponry? No? That’s what this is satirizing. Just so you know.


That means they have no taste, those things are terrible.


The good news is that pressure cooker bombs are much less lethal than firearms. The pressure cooker bombs in Boston claimed an average of 1.5 lives each (plus a large number of wounded) whereas the single rifle used at Sandy Hook Elementary School claimed 26 lives, not counting the shooter or his mother.


or C4 or a SAM or any number of other very controlled items


Welcome to BoingBoing, where smart people comment often and stupid people often create a profile to protest.

You do not understand the Constitution of this country, that much is obvious. Do you even satire, brah? And I’m guessing that you are not a Constitutional scholar, because you have nothing to back up your claims of “research.” Go ahead and delete your new profile; you care nothing about this site and you have nothing to add to the conversation.



Criminals don’t care if they can buy dynamite, anthrax or plutonium from a legitimate store. But thankfully those things are still pretty hard to get one’s hands on because they are all carefully regulated.

And you are living in the only first-world country where mass shootings happen on a regular basis. You might believe that has nothing to do with how we regulate (or choose not to regulate) guns in the U.S., but I think that’s a load of baloney.


People do kill people… It’s just that with guns its possible to kill a lot of people very quickly.


Dirty inkies with tattoos are bad. Got it.

I got a tattoo once. I asked for a “13”, but they drew a “31”.

ETA - I’m rolling my eyes at some of the comments. Of course white gun owners are naturally racist. I am sure the sight of a bunch of armed black men will make them beg the government to further lock that shit down.


but to keep our country free from a tyrannical government.

If by ‘tyrannical government’ you mean when students were shot at Kent state for protesting the escalation of a lost war then you failed.

If by ‘tyrannical government’ you mean invading a sovereign nation with a cake full of lies then you failed (if you’re confused by which invasion I’m talking about here it’s Iraq though there are many to choose from).

If by ‘tyrannical government’ you mean corralling American citizens into ‘free-speech zones’, then I’m sorry to say, you failed once again.

I think that argument is pretty much dead, sorry.