TOM THE DANCING BUG: How Vladimir Putin Protects Russia's Children


A good strip, ruined (for me) by the use of faux Russian text.

Thank you, Vladimir, for also providing an example of what could just as easily happen in the United States if certain organizations got their way.


He’s only thinking of the children!

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Shame on Russia for having a slightly worse child poverty rate the US!


More than all other Winter Olympics combined? Gracious, seems so.


It would be awesome if all the athletes would wear rainbow scarfs at the opening ceremony, but I´m not counting on it.


According to a quick one page google there are 6 openly gay athletes at the games.
Out of 6000 athletes in total.

I’m guessing there is already some element of homophobia at play in the world of Olympic competition.

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How does that compare with previous years?

I’m guessing that it is not just a crazy outlier.

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These folks have a list of 7 known openly gay athletes.

Spoiler: none are American, males, or figure skaters (really?!)

Um, have you seen this year’s German Olympic uniform?


Just for completness’ sake, @Woodchuck45, you may also be interested…

According to Outsports, a media-watchdog and sports-news site, of the 14,690 athletes participating in the Olympic and Paralympic Games this year, only 23 are openly gay. That’s around 0.16%. Even so, it’s a big improvement over the 2004 Games in Athens, which counted just 11 out athletes. In Beijing in 2008 there were only 10.

edit: whoa Discourse just went crazy with that url.

Olympic Homophobia: Why Are There So Few Openly Gay Athletes?

To be fair, in the early years all the Olympic Games in Greece had a much higher percentage.

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And the Google doodle?

Officially now the Officially Gay Winter Olympics.
The ‘Streisand effect’ may have to be renamed… ‘Streisand-Putin’?

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