TOM THE DANCING BUG: Pablo Picasso Rules the Internet… And You Won't Believe What Happens Next!




The real reason Fascism is spreading in Europe. It’s not what you think!

You mean it’s not the uniforms?


Come for the Jew-hate, stay for the snazzy uniforms and fun sing-alongs!


It was for the shouting! And the amazing norepinephrine rush that goes with it!

Oh, snap! It was a joke …
I clicked on ‘acrobat side boob’ and nothing happened.


I was hoping for some video of the housewife “churning butter”.


I see a title and subtitle, but no comic.


Not exactly milk churning, but there is this charming Polish Washerwoman from Eurovision 2014


Does this link work for you? It should hopefully just go straight to the strip…


If you’re using AdBlock, it blocks the comic as the filename includes the words “social-media”. It also blocks euansmith’s link as well.


My AdBlock is clearly euansmithfriendly.


Yes, that worked.


I am using AdBlock Plus, and I still can’t see the comic as originally posted, but I can see Euansmith’s link.


I’ve got Add Blocker Plus running and didn’t have an issue with reading the strip. The wonders of the interweb are without end or rhyme or reason :slight_smile:


It’s a PDF. :wink:

(get it? Adobe Acrobat? Never mind, it was before your time)


Sad Will Ferrell Clown is Sad

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