TOM THE DANCING BUG: Pufferfish Madness in Chagrin Falls


I usually don’t get the deeper meanings in these strips, but I got this one: don’t do fish


Boy, this brings back memories of telling my buddies not to bogart the fugu.


People eat puffers with careful preparation, because they don’t give a high so much as paralyze nerves in your lips and fingers, and you really don’t want that to reach your heart. I’m glad to see Cap had the sense to try a lumpfish instead.

The actual puffer must then have been tried by the black-haired kid, and really I can’t tell that he survived, which would kind of change the perspective on Cap’s trial.


People eat fugu with very careful preparation for that reason. Here in the North East we our local puffer fish after half assed and lackadaisical preparation because its delicious and non-toxic.

On a funny note, Sea World of Ohio really was located about 15 minutes away from the village of Chagrin Falls.

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Your comment had me almost spewing my Pepsi. Gold!

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Don’t they have any of that hydraponic puffer fish?

So, was the punchline that the prosecutor said a white kid should get the same punishment as POC or that the judge agreed? Either way, hilariously outlandish stuff.

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What the heck is it with marine wildlife and body orifices … will people never learn?

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