TOM THE DANCING BUG: Senior Citizens of Counter-Earth in Kick-Butt Gear


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Beaten to it by T S Eliot in East Coker:
“Old men ought to be explorers
Here or there does not matter”



Also Jon Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War” series.


Old people taking a lot of drugs and engaging in unprotected sex is different from our reality how?


Get on my lawn, punk!


It’s kind of nice when the comic takes a break from being a horribly sobering look at some contemporary political problem :slight_smile:

(and yes, I realize it’s a flipside of sending young folks off to die in wars, but it’s not as in-your-face about it as usual)


didn’t i read something about how STDs are now an accepted presence in retirement communities, with outbreaks sometimes flaring up?

i imagine this has to do with the first wave of Boomers and their more libertine sexual attitudes reaching that age, or maybe it’s always been that way but society was too prude to report on it?


Yeah, exactly. The STD rates among the elderly has more than doubled in recent years thanks to all that unprotected sex.


Long-time fans know this is in fact a classic Tom the Dancing Bug strip.




Old folks homes provide a lot of opportunity for banging, that many in them have not encountered for decades previously, what with possibly being married or in a less sexy environment. Unfortunately, a lot of people in these homes are used to thinking primarily of birth control and since that’s not an issue, they don’t take precautions against STIs.

My own grandmother, a generation older than the boomers, was somewhat outraged to be propositioned when she moved into a home.


Uh, that just made me realize: when you’re 80 years old, “you’re young enough to be my son” doesn’t pack quite the punch it would if you were 40.


Wow, you’re right. Last week’s was #1269, this week’s is #335.


My grandfather, who was a WWII vet and spent the last fifty years of his life with a leg full of shrapnel and a dinger of a case of what we now call PTSD would agree with this. Whenever a story about the latest bout of sabre-rattling broke on the TV he’d cast an eye over my way and just swear. He was of the opinion that he should be on the first troop ship headed to wherever. “Get rid of all us old, broken buggers first,” he’d say. “No point in sending our young blokes over.”

I’m pretty sure the second ship would have been filled with the politicians starting the wars.


Haha, fuck yeah. That’ll be me :stuck_out_tongue:


It should be the first ship, its safety/rescue gear subjected to a round or three of budget cuts before, and the ship should be scuttled at deep sea. Possibly in the northern waters, where human body loses heat fast and doesn’t last for more than few minutes.


I uh… I don’t have a contingency plan if I happen to live that old. I’m frankly surprised I’ve lived this long anyway. 16 year old high school me was pretty convinced he wouldn’t make it this long, anyway.

But hey if I do end up living into old age you can bet I’ll be taking insane nonsensical risks. Like… Teasing large predators and eating gas station sushi.


Tell me about it… I’m 41 and I only just got around to going through a box full of fifteen years’ worth of superannuation correspondence :confused:

Having done shitloads of casual work as a storeman and/or forklift operator, I had dribs and drabs of super all over the place, most of which has evaporated almost entirely in fees. To me, ‘financial services’ will always be a euphemism for ‘parasitic motherfuckers’, but anyway… one fund had like $7k in it, so that’s something… probably just enough to arrange for some kind of running jump into the unknown.