TOM THE DANCING BUG: To Kill a Watchman



Just a matter of time, I suppose.


Two things:

  1. Harper Lees looks A LOT like my grandma who passed about a year ago. I mean a LOT. Like “leading a secret life and faker her death”.

  2. Watchmen has one of my favorite quotes:
    “None of you seem to understand. I’m not lockup in her with you. You’re locked up in here with me.”




2 kilomockingbirds is bad enough, but 2 kilowatchmen would be a serious excess of costumed vigilantes. It’s just as well it was never published. Just keeping track of all the comedians would be a nightmare. Doc Manhattan, of course, can already multiply himself when needed, but we know there’s only really one.

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Doubly apropos, given the bullshit surrounding the Before Watchmen prequel series.

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So, Bolling went ahead with this, despite the rumors about Lee’s mental competence being utterly quashed by Lee herself in a recent interview?


Harper Lee? An interview? The first one in something like five decades? I eagerly await your sharing the link to this massive literary occurrence.


This ought to clear everything up for you.


I presume you’re being facetious.

In general, that is a safe presumption.


My mistake. It wasn’t an interview. She issued a statement concerning the book, a bit over a week ago.

Now, as for your “five decades” comment, you only missed it by 45 years.

I stand corrected on the time since her recent interview.
As for her interview-cum-statement, however…

“I’m alive and kicking and happy as hell with the reactions to ‘Watchman,’ ” Ms. Lee, 88, said in a statement that she is said to have given to her lawyer, Tonja Carter, on Wednesday when Ms. Carter visited her at an assisted-living facility in Monroeville, Ala."

In other words. “Yeah, I found this ol’ manuscript from my dear old famous friend, whose estate I’m now in charge of… You think it might be worth something? Oh dearie me, that much, really? Oh, you mean all those times she swore she never wanted to have it published while she was alive? Don’t worry about that, she told me to tell you she’s totes cool with it now.”

Welp, I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure am convinced.


Do I get it?

The problem with your little made-up rant, is that she didn’t know the manuscript still existed until recently. So all that bit about her never wanting it published while she was alive, is a load of crap.

Skepticism is fine, if it’s based on evidence. Yours is just based on cynicism.

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…whereas your conviction is based on hard evidence. You spoke to Ms. Lee personally to confirm her wishes.

I’m glad you found the time to set me straight, Ms. Carter.

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I refer you to my aforementioned facetiously posted but none the less interesting link. Murky waters indeed.


She probably should have burned the manuscript if she didn’t want it published. She had plenty of time to do it.


Instead she hid the manuscript in her stuff thinking nobody would find it until she was dead… It’s really hard to burn something you spent so much time and creativity in developing.

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