"To Kill A Mockingbird" sequel to be published in July



I am hesitantly excited. I love TKAM and think Atticus Finch (and thus, Harper Lee) is just the goddamned best.


Is this the same To Kill A Mockingbird sequel that was at the center of a story arc in Berke Breathed’s “Outland” comic strip back in the 90s?


He actually got a typewritten letter from Lee about all this when he sent her copies of the strip. She sounded like a totally amazing person that he is just in awe of.


Still waiting for “Bowler in the Barley”.


To kill a mockingbird.

Sounds like a book about small-bore rifles, shotguns, or poisoned bird-seed…
(Actually, alcohol-soaked birdseed is reportedly handy for gathering sparrows for cooking. Sprinkle the seed, wait, collect the sparrows that cannot fly.)

It’s my understanding that Breathed wrote to ask her blessing beforehand because he was horrified by the idea that she might by offended by his satire. Amazing people both.


While it’s a sequel in that it portrays events after the events of the first book, this one was actually written first, thought lost, and was just recently found again.

Edit–Doh, somehow missed that BB posted this in that actual link. And here I thought I was being helpful. Nevermind.

My dog is named Atticus “Happy” Finch, because I wanted to name her after the badass lawyer from To Kill a Mockingbird and my daughter wanted her to have the same middle name as my last dog, Bob Murphy’s Happy Recap.

We call our current mutt Atty, and our last mutt Murph. But they both were named after great men, even if one was fictional.

Looking forward to reading this, and wonder when she wrote it.

Mockingbird 2: Electric Boogaloo


If this was written before and set after TKAM , that makes TKAM a prequel.

What’s the antonym of prequel?

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I don’t know, but the synonym for any followup this late in the game would be ‘box office poison’, no matter when it was written.

As great as this sounds at first, I just know it’s not going to live up to expectations.

Hmmmm… Guess it depends on whether it’s the time of release of a work or the creation of it that determines what gets designated a prequel or a sequel…or…um…the “quel”?

I’m guessing that the accepted terminology will be that the new one is a sequel.

So, any bets on whether it was in fact recently rediscovered, oh happy circumstance, etc. or whether the timing has anything to do with the recent death of the author’s sister, and subsequent lack of insulation from parties looking to make good on the situation while the opportunity is there?


My excitement is tempered by the knowledge that Lee is deaf, blind and has suffered a stroke. The statement announcing the publication appears to have been written by her lawyer, who negotiated and set up the book deal. Considering how much Harper Lee avoided the media glare I’m none too sure she actually intended to have that book published and that the manuscript was probably never lost in the first place.


Yeah, my enthusiasm is being offset by my cynicism.

Winter’s coming! Hah, nice!

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My understanding is this book was written first, with an adult Scout telling stories about her past. The publisher asked Lee to make the stories from a young Scout’s present view. I am very excited, because if it is wonderful then great. If it is lacking, I am sure I have read worse, so how could we lose? That being said I really did not need Richard Bach’s Illusions 2.

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I wonder if many black American readers like TKMB?

It always struck me as a book for white people, especially the ones who think of themselves as goodhearted. It helps them feel good about feeling bad about how bad black people had it back in the (bad old) days. And also good about how much better things (supposedly) are now). Not so different from “The Help” in those ways.