“Too Many Clones” combines Adult Swim weirdness with Orphan Black


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Suddenly I’m distracted by her character the cell phone. Seems like you could pinpoint the release date of any movie or TV show in the last 20 years by the version of phone the characters use. Has anyone done a cell phone supercut yet? I suppose it would need constant updating, up until we stop using phones.

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Thanks! Now I have to spend the next thirty minutes explaining to my coworkers why I was giggling into my coffee.

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Ok, I laughed. Then I realized: they actually forgot a couple characters she’s played on the show (e.g. Tony), and she is, indeed, playing the scorpion (including the sound effects). Plus, they failed to include when she’s playing one character playing another, something which has happened a number of times (including one scene where she’s playing Sarah playing Rachel opposite herself playing Alison playing Sarah).
Yeah, the reality of the show is actually more ridiculous than that video. Tatiana playing the phone? That’s probably next season.


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