Top 1000 asked questions in Google and their cost per click value


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My two top questions are: 1] Where is the closest bathroom 2] Where is the closest bar.

The rest is meaningless to me.


SO Meineke just paid Google $14.85 after I searched on “how to jump a car” and clicked through to the Meineke site?



Top 20 CPC if you don’t want to DL the spreadsheet


Cha Ching, add another $14.85 to the pile.



Is that actually per click or do they mean per 1000 clicks?

/Asking for a very stupid friend


Sadly, “how old is snoop dogg” (rank: 741) isn’t worth anything at all to advertisers. (He’s 45, by the way).

FTFY: Snoop Dogg isn’t worth anything at all to advertisers because he is over 40.


Number 21 is my favorite: “when the bough breaks”. Why are so many people typing that into google?

Added: oh, I see it is a recent movie, and google thinks it’s a question. Ok!


I am more surprised that “how many mb in a gb” is a zero-pay search term.
Really? These people are clearly doing computer stuff!


The car jumping thing isn’t surprising. Cars and car maintenance are expensive. If your car needs a jump-start you are likely in the market for one or both if those. At $20/1000 click, if one in 100,000 people decide to replace their old and busted car with a reliable new Toyota that is worthwhile advertising.


Number 17 by volume: area of a cirlce

That many people misspell circle?


“how to get pregnant.” That one made me sad.


61 “how do you make slime”


How I mine for fish?


But if they don’t ask, how will they know how is babby formed?


8,690,000 results


Must be a lot of alt-right guys want to answer “how old is hillary clinton”


I saw the Meineke search result, but I didn’t see where it said that it was an ad. It look like just one of the top search results. Are those paid too?

In fact, I didn’t see any ads on the first page of search results.


they need to do way instain mother.