Tory Council Leader's son gets plum job with government contractor, teen constituent damned as an "appalling little child" for asking about it

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“Bob’s your uncle” comes to mind.


It’s the elder Mr Davis who is the appalling little child.

Though, to be fair, little children can’t really be blamed for their behavior because they are immature.

So maybe Mr Davis is an appalling little man.


A swine never enjoys their justly deserved comeuppance, especially a Tory swine.


Here in the UK a local authority would never be referred to as a “government”. I would have thought that Cory would know that.


What is Toryism but organised spivvery? … No amount of cajolery can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party … So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.

-Aneurin Bevan


In my experience, the Brits have both a tendency and a talent for adopting attitudes of perceived superior authority. Phrases like “how dare you peasants contradict your betters” are never used anymore, but the tone is frequently there. One of my favorite examples was back during the Snowden revelations, when The Guardian was symbolically forced to destroy hard drives containing Snowden’s information:

NSA files: why the Guardian in London destroyed hard drives of leaked files | The NSA files | The Guardian.

After three weeks which saw the publication of several more articles on both sides of the Atlantic about GCHQ and NSA internet and phone surveillance, British government officials got back in touch and took a sterner approach.

“You’ve had your fun. Now we want the stuff back,” one of them said.

As you wish, your bloody majesty.


Council Leader Davis’s only Registered Gift & Hospitality for the past year was “08/07/2017 - Lunch at Kingston Regatta offered by CNM Estates Ltd.”

And then his son, who studied politics and worked 3 years in retail, suddenly gets to be a trainee manager in property development.

I can see that this could easily be questioned. It may be nothing, but that response is not nothing. That response, recognizing that the person he’s calling out is a youth, and then attacking with such vitriol and disdain, is really shocking.


Being so similar to one, calling it government could be a helpful clue to many. It so appears that Cory knew that.
To those who are not authorities on the local ways and customs of the natives on this island near Europe, the term “local authority” may sound like it is referring to a really well versed tour guide.

I kid.


The old german saying “Nur getroffene Hunde jaulen” - “Only dogs that have been hit whine” comes to mind. What a twat.


Umm, the phrase ‘local government’ is not unknown in these here parts.


Hey, go easy on Cory, he’s just zis guy, ya know?


What an appalling little politician you are. Who the hell do you think you are questioning my interest into your vile nepotism? I would hope that when you grow up you might realise how disgusting this is, sadly I doubt it.


I see this defense all the time.

Trump and the Republicans use it frequently. The real conspiracy is the investigation into the russian collusion, not the collusion itself.

Some people freak out at any mention of anything they say or do and claim that the mentioning of it is far worse than the actual transgressions being mentioned.

I avoid these types of people as much as possible. As someone who is hypersensitive and overly self monitors, I don’t understand how these people manage to stomp through life like bulls in a china shops blaming every one else for their swaths of destruction…

not the type of person who should be in any type of public office.

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