Toshiba's laptop business shuffles off this mortal coil

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Toshiba’s main claim to fame was to popularize the modern form factor and to make it accessible and (more or less) affordable to businesses. The ones I used and worked on were acceptable creatures, but didn’t really have any outstanding features.

Still, they were one of the first companies that made them en masse, and until they sold it off to sharp, still made the product in house. Lenovo bought the laptop division from IBM in '05, and (more or less) is still a solid laptop and occasionally has some innovative features.


My first laptop was a Toshiba the height of half a brick. I wore half the letters off the keyboard.

(@SeamusBellamy you may want to fix this in your intro: "In from the min-1990s,"

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My experience with Sharp products is that their customer service ranges between dismal and non-existent. Toshiba products I’ve owned (and still own) have been rock-solid. I wouldn’t have a Sharp laptop even if they gave it to me.

I loved their Libretto and Satellite laptops products back in the day (early 2Ks). Toshiba was my brand of choice when I needed a subnotebook sized portable PC.

My two laptops have been Toshibas, and while they’ve had their drawbacks (they tend to run hot) I’ve gotten good use out of them. My first was a Satellite model, bought back in 2001, and I got nine years out of it until it got too obsolete and started breaking down. It handled anything I threw at it, from web design to Photoshop 7, without too many problems.

My second was a Qosmio, one of their gaming rigs. Its performance with graphics and multimedia has been very good. It still runs, but I hardly ever boot it up these days, since I do most of my computer work on my phone or tablet. I’ll miss the brand, but I can see why there’s not as much demand for full laptops when there are so many alternatives.


My first laptop was a Toshiba Tecra 780-DVD, which was an absolute workhorse which also played DVD movies–a rarity and highly sought after feature in 2001. It also had a docking station which accepted IDE drives and PCI/ISA cards.

Toshiba Satellite laptops were the bomb!

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