Total Eclipse of the Sun, Aug 21, 2017

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Aha, the first real fruit of the America First policy!

A total solar eclipse just for America.

Well done, Mr Trump!


When is Britain going to get a real Total solar eclipse?

No, the one in 1999, where you had to be at Lizard Point for it to be properly total doesn’t count (and it was cloudy there anyway)

It’s the End Times. Trump will lead his faithful to salvation and the rapture, then the rest of us can get on with fixing the mess on the planet.


I dunno, ask Theresa.

More seriously:

Still mostly, Cornwall, I’m afraid.

You could have this one as well, if you allow the Channel Islands to count (I wouldn’t).

I hope this is better than that “total eclipse of the heart” I experienced back in 1983.


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