Tourists stop woman from burning down Martin Luther King Jr.'s house (video)

Originally published at: Woman tries to burn MLK Jr's house


Ah… I think I’d read that the person trying to burn down the house was from Utah, not the people who stopped her…

Anyway… this is fucking enraging… the house is just up the street from the King Center, the historic Ebeneezer church, the current Ebeneezer Church, and the burial site for Dr. and Mrs. King. The whole street is a historic site, as Wheat Street Baptist is also on the other side of the street from Ebeneezer and the SCLC building is a couple of blocks down.


Seems like they were someone dealing with a large amount of trauma and mental problems, and I hope the justice system can find a solution that doesn’t aggrevate their issues.


Yeah, looks like. I’m glad the tourists stopped her, because if it had been the police, they just would have shot the woman. :sob:


They said she is a veteran who was experiencing mental distress.

Man, another highlight of the VA’s failure to provide for our vets. :confused:


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