Toxic Mooseculinity

What’s really bugging me here is the Twitter account apparently posted the photo uncredited. Well done Rob for finding the photographer.


Maybe their antlers locked together, I can see that being a death sentence even if they weren’t in the water.

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My wife witnessed foxes mating in the back yard recently and feared that because they appeared stuck to each other facing in opposite directions (bulbed penis during sex) they were going to die that way.

She was relieved when the male finally “deflated” and the two foxes went their separate ways.

“Thank goodness humans never had that issue.” she said. :slight_smile:




Hm. If humans had to stay stuck together for nine months to reproduce, I think societies would be slightly different.

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Never say never…


It can happen to persons who are really fond of piercings.
I’ll leave out the details as an intellectual exercise for the readers.


This metaphor for Alaskan politics vs. its economy arrived just in time.

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The flagship L.L. Bean store in Maine has a taxidermy version of this.

For me, this is another case of failed Mooseculinity. It would be a toxic situation if the Moose were left to rot in the body of water after it thaws.

What happens in Mooseland stays in Mooseland.

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