Toy mice terrorize sleeping cat


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is it still terror when the victim is unaware?


I think those are catnip mice! Look at the blissful expression on the cat!


The horror. The horror.



Elmo loves pictures about cats!!


Hey, it’s Maurice and his Educated Rodents!


I’ve never seen a cat sleeping on its back before - is this common?

Also: adorable.


One of our family cats slept this way, and Google image search for “cat sleeping back” has about a zillion hits.

very similar to our late cat


Awesome! My cat only lies like that when he wants to scratch my hands.


We have two who sleep like that regularly. One will do it for hours, slowly moving his paws up or down, or tucking them near his chest. When they are nice and sleepy like that, I get to pet their fuzzy bellies.

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