TPP is the 'worst trade deal ever,' Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says

Yeah I know what you mean. Felt like forever we were stuck with him >.<

He’s a terrible man, was never out for canada, just for himself. I don’t miss him in the least. Trudeau may not be perfect but at least he seems to care about the people, and his doing things like un-muzzling our scientists so they can actually speak the truth instead of pandering to the government gives me a bit of faith.


I don’t care about anything else Obama has done or will do. TPP is his indelible taint. Screw you, Obama.

Why just Obama?

The previous administration started negotiations. And while Democrats are mostly against it, Republicans are mostly for it.

It’s weird. In a time when Republicans are sworn to obstruct ANYTHING Obama tries to do, even when its traditionally Republican policy, the TPP fight is best described as “Obama and the Republican Party vs the Democratic Party.”

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