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I don’t know… Cindy mustn’t work very much with her hands…get them wet…covered in dirt’n stuff…or with equipment that will knock that off.

That’s interesting; I was thinking the opposite. I was involved in my last position with developing a way for doctors to control software in operating rooms without breaking sterility. I was thinking this might be a good solution - it seems like it could be worn under a glove and still function, and that it would be readily available to the surgeon.


Halfbakery c14 years ago
When are we getting self-lacing…?

I have been casually trying to think of a solution for the same problem for years… I want to be able to sit back in a chair and scroll what I’m reading on the computer without having to reach forward. Ideally, even using two hands to eat something (including greasy burgers or whatever) while continuing to be able to scroll.

Something controlled by your feet would work, but it’d limit you to your feet always having to be in the same spot, which isn’t compatible with the idea of being able to sit back and relax however is comfortable which is the whole idea (a different position might be what’s comfortable each time).

Something held in the hand works (I sometimes use a bluetooth mouse with a scroll wheel) but is cumbersome and prevents you from using your hands.

In this particular version, their device would still be cumbersome if you want to be able to still use both hands, but is not bad. I can imagine other ways to make this work - maybe put it on your pinkie finger, which would be relatively easily usable while holding something with your other fingers.

In any case - I would probably use this if it comes to market. Ultimately of course we’ll be controlling with our minds and I look forward to that too.

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