Trailcam photos of naked, tripping man who thought he was a tiger


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We all know where this is going to lead him.


Trips on acid, becomes a furry (sans fursuit).


I thought it would be more like:


Man, I’ve been doing it wrong and forgot the acid part.


Hip hip! We should all take a cue from this gentleman.

(Insert something about Theyyyy’rrre GRRRREAT! here.)


I am sure that the nudity was in stark contrast to the usual clothed animals observed in the area.


Thanks for that reminder–I need to renew my membership in the Society For Indecency To Naked Animals.


I’m sure PETA would have been outraged to see all of the animals wearing fur coats.


Czech here, it’s a hoax. Sorry :wink:


I read “tripping” to indicate he was falling over frequently (which to be fair, might also have been true). Somehow a naked man running through the woods believing himself to be a tiger was insufficient context for me to select the proper meaning of that word.


These photos are the same as the ones in this article.

They were taken at Virginia’s Mountain Lake Biological Station, not “along the Czech-Poland border”.

There’s another photo in the Mirror article that’s from a different source, but credibility is already gone.


A tiger.

An ugly, hairless, pasty-white tiger.


I just nude someone would made that wisecrack.


We would have but we needed the eggs.


I would have been embareassed to streak past that one.


nothing beats depression quite like transforming into a siberian tiger for the day!

I wish the USA was as free as the czech republic…sighs

Oh well…we can still dream the dream. Lets make naked tripping tiger the new scary clown!


Locally they put up some cameras because they heard about Mountain Lions on the area, and instead got a bunch of chuckleheads in weird costumes.


Has anyone seen The Emerald Forest?* Like that, Czech style.

*I did, while tripping, coincidentally.


I’m standing in front of an auditorium full of people, when I suddenly realize that I’m not wearing my fursuit.

Man, I hate that dream!