Trailer for A24's movie about the coming U.S. civil war

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I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to imagine near-to-medium-term scenarios in which the US is regionally divided into warring factions but this alliance doesn’t sound like one of the especially likely ones.

It’s almost as if the filmmakers were too afraid to extrapolate from the all-too-real sociopolitical divides in America and instead wanted to make up a story where people in the audience could choose to root for either side, “Captain America vs. Iron Man” style.


If it happens it will be a lot nastier and messier than this. Closer to Syria in the 2010s than the U.S. in the 19th century. Roving militias fighting each-other and the central government.

Depending on how things play out on the federal level, some states might try to secede. I don’t see California and Florida/Texas being on the same side in that scenario, though.

  1. I like Nick Offerman. He looks like a good president character.

  2. Wait wait, did they say “Western Forces of California and Texas”? Unless those are two DIFFERENT factions, this movie’s premise is going to be too fantasy based for my brain to shut up and watch a movie.

  3. Any actual Civil War will look more like The Troubles or Iraqi insurrections than whole states seceding.

But hey A24 often has a basic premise you are just supposed to go with and not think about too hard.


This is a garbage film destined to end up in the museum of Blockbuster video bins.

You know who is going to watch it? Asshole 'muricans armed to the teeth who who have wet dreams of starting a real war in this country. Careful what you wish for A24.


I would otherwise skip this, but everything else Alex Garland has made has been really good so I’ll probably end up watching it at some point. Plus that cast.

Good to see Jesse Plemons really leaning into playing psychopath roles. Has he done anything where he just plays a nice guy? He looks so friendly.


with Texas and California joining to form “The Western Forces” in rebellion

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This is a very clever update on the “dustbin of history”.


He started early. Check out the 1:37 mark of this clip.


I don’t know how good the film is going to be, but I think the viral marketing campaign for it is very realistic, but has gone on for too long.


“right and left are just as bad as each other”



High fantasy without the dragons, this will be impossible to suspend disbelief for. But hey, looks like they got to recycle some footage from Walking Dead season 1, which is nice I guess. Reduce, reuse and recycle!

[This looks sooooo dumb. Meal Team 6’s vision of what civil war 2.0 would look like. :roll_eyes:]


Texas and California in an alliance? this is pure fantasy right? Honestly my first thought is this is some Russian propaganda to help foment actual civil war. I mean I think the last 20 years they have pushed everyone very hard to lose all trust in the US government.


I’m also going to reserve judgment, b/c I really enjoyed Devs which was Alex Garland and Nick Offerman. I also enjoyed most the A24 movies I’ve seen.


Based on the trailer, this film gets the Red Dawn stamp of plausibility.


How much do you want to bet that they made a lavish, big-budget feature about a second American civil war without mentioning the politics that got us to that point?


California Texas Alliance?! I’m curious to see how that idea is spun. Was hoping for a little more plausibility in this film, but I guess it is a delicate balance, as they want people to actually WATCH the film and be entertained vs. a doom-scrolling prophetic end-times hellscape.


There is no chance on god’s green earth that California and Texas would unite in an alliance over anything. There’s a certain amount of willing suspension of disbelief required in any fictional narrative, but that is a bridge too far.


For a more plausible civil war scenario I recommend listening to the first season of former conflict journalist/podcaster Robert Evans’ “It Could Happen Here.”


I can understand people dissing the idea California and Texas would be on the same side of any civil war. I’m willing to give them some leeway until the film is released and we understand why, but I get the reluctance to even entertain that.

For me, though? Why? Why did you even MAKE what appears to be a festering pile of violence porn that will have accelerationists wetting their pants in excitement? No one needed or wanted it, least of it built upon the janky pile of nonsense we see in this trailer so far.