Trailer for Escape from Tomorrow


That was wonderfully freaky.

I hope they can distribute it without legal heat from The Mouse.


I wonder if they will get arrested ex post facto and charged with “terrorism.”

There is a certain amount of satisfaction that comes just from seeing the Disney characters in inappropriate situations and moods. It’s like part of your mind is going. “I thought so!”

The video now reads:

“Escape from To…” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by MUSO TNT LTD.

MUSO TNT LTD. is apparently an “online anti piracy company.”

Was this footage pirated in any way?

Ah, but I found a working link:


MUSO: Online irony provider since 2012

Upon closer inspection, I discovered something fishy about that YouTube removal screen:

(I’m a new user on here so I can’t embed photos yet. Hopefully this link worked for you. Feel free to repost it so others can see it upon loading the page. I promise I won’t make any copyright claims.)

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Thank you.


Why not let a torrent flow like a river:)

I don’t care about the trailer, where can I see the movie?

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