Trailer for new Star Wars arena combat video game

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You got me all excited about Skippy the Jedi Droid but it turns out this is some other droid. :frowning:


I love that even the props from the original trilogy have ridiculously complex background stories now.

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One of the more subtle aesthetic cues that always made Star Wars feel like Star Wars to me was that–because of its origins–the dialogue was rooted in mid-to-late 20th century phrasing. It certainly always included contemporary slang, borrowed from 70’s and 80’s culture, but because there was such a gulf between the original trilogy and all of the follow-up/revival projects (from the prequels to the sequels to the Disney+ content) that older tone and way of speaking began to feel important to the diegesis.The inclusion of current phrases and attitudes in the newer material always strikes a wrong chord in my head, like hearing King Arthur say cowabunga, dude.

Edit: And I do only mean the dialogue tone, not to be confused with ideological or story content, the progression of which has been a boon to the series.

So is this an Overwatch style game? Or more of a Heroes of the Storm?

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I was looking for an analog to make sense of this myself. Super Smash Bros? I was hoping for something more like Star Wars themed Commandoes, a combo I used to fantasize about a lot back when I was playing that game.

I’m continually disappointed by these newer games that rely on multiplayer aspects to create the main gameplay, challenges, and appeal. It means when the servers shut down or the player base shrinks, you’ll never be able to play it again.

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Yeah, it is very disappointing to see things that used to be just an alternate game mode or even simply user-made maps in some games become the entirety of the game. I am sure that the shareholders enjoy the extra revenue stream from microtransactions and the cost savings from not having to pay as many creatives to develop the game, though… /s/s/s/s

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