Trailer for "Peter Pan & Wendy" with Yara Shahidi as the first Black Tinkerbell (Video)

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Cue the freakout from people who are so deeply racist and so deeply in denial that they in fact have no conscious idea why they find a black Tinkerbell objectionable, in 5… 4… 3… 2…


And will they be similarly conflicted about Peter Pan being played by a male actor? Unlike the original 1924 movie?


“They’re at least keeping that ‘What made the red man red?’ song in there, right??”



Wait until they find out that Disney has had black fairies for years…queue Iridessa!


{something something evolution incoherent muttering}

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typing of stupid biased distinctions, did you know that you can get in quite a fight over “Second to the right,” said Peter, “and then straight on till morning.”? Mostly via self-declared linguists and the meaning of the English preposition “to”. The ‘received wisdom’ is that it can’t be used correctly if you don’t know where you are currently (0-based for code-heads out there). Here’s from quora annoyingly using ‘left’ rather than ‘right’:

Silly people (such as me) wonder if that “from” has meaning without the speaker’s position being known, that “to” would be conveniently just in the opposite sense. Why does “to” have to be a relative term if “from” is not? (“screw all that. what’s a crocodile to do with a Chinese app?”)

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okay, i’ll bite. if you can say, first to the right and then on… surely you can second to the right. going foward would seem to be the implied prerequisite

of course, ive never been to neverland so it’s safe to say i’m both too wrong and too old. ( the first i can get over, the second never )


Yes, the haters will hate.


Any Peter Pan movie where Wendy meets The Lost Boys and says “But your not all boys” and The Lost Boys reply “So” is something I want to go see. Does anyone think it would be weird for a full grown man to go see this movie without kids?

I just hope that’s not the best line from the whole movie. Trailers these days give so much away.


Which fits in quite well with the “won’t grow up” mentality, especially when it fits so well with saying something pseudo-sensical with authority like kids will. It’s not supposed to stand up to scrutiny. If you try to scrutinize it you won’t be able to follow it.

So seeing self-styled linguists fight over it like kids fight (“you missed me!” “Nu uh, I hit you!”) is fitting.


Nah. Given that it’s exclusively on Disney+, not in theaters, nobody other than the all-knowing and very judgemental algorithm would know you were watching it anyway.


Disney+! I’ll wait for the bootleg.

The bootleg is already out there:


Fox is on it.

This change to the [1953 animated movie “Peter Pan”] appeared to be the latest in a long line of reboots and sequels, many from Disney, that have sought to update classic films with “woke” themes. As reported by Fox News Digital, this likely contributed to a painful month for the Disney corporation financially.

i am shocked too. only half? thats not nearly enough

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Wait until they find out about the X-Men.


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