Trailer for surreal sci-fi flick, Quadrant


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I was thinking, take away all the death and this would make a great Devo video.


My opinion of this is divided.


Is this the new warhammer 40k expansion?


With a hint of Jeunet & Caro, IMHO. Thinking of City of Lost Children.


Gravitational axis is wrong. From the POV of the guys inside, the curved surface should be the floor, not the wall.


They reversed the polarization of the graviton particles, isn’t that obvious?


aesthetically this reminded me of the Spy Kids films, frankly


Does anybody know anything about the plot / story?


Nope. Not even the makers of the movie. :smiley:


It looks so much like a trailer for a game. You say you got bullets that kill guys? Great, bring plenty of those. Also remember to bring four exotic weapons that kill guys in cool ways!


Red Dwarf II: What was happening places other than on the Red Dwarf.


Always with the dead characters doing cartwheels stage right in the last 5 seconds or post-credits. Invisible hand, we were cutie mark sisters!


This seems like the kind of film I’d only watch if it was recommended by several trusted friends… and I’d really have to trust them to not be playing a cruel joke on me with their recommendation.


Is this set in the same universe as Robot Bastard? Sure looks like it. I’d kill for more Robot Bastard.


Well, that was 85 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.


Robot Bastard was fun! I’m not sure what the heck is going on here with Quadrant, but it does have a similar vibe. I’d watch it.


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