Trailer for The Martian starring Matt Damon, directed by Ridley Scott

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oh, wait wrong trailer… you know the soundtrack, all that sand, oh well.


Is Matt Damon being stranded on other planets going to be a new trend in movies?

I suppose it would be better than Sean Bean’s trend…


Robinson Crusoe on Mars redux!:


This title makes me think, I’d really like to see someone take a shot at a movie of Man Plus by Frederick Pohl. I’m thinking Cronenberg to make it.

It’s going to be hard to watch this without constantly thinking of Damon’s douchemeister character from Interstellar.


Yeah, but interstellar was so forgettable, it hardly matters. So “clean slate” for Matt Damon as Mark Watney.

Just look at that star lineup! Its gotta be good!

That sand looks way too powdery to be martian.

Fantastic book, fantastic trailer. Looking forward to this.

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“It’s almost like a powder” to quote Neil Armstrong

Moon sand is even coarser. The denser the atmosphere, the finer the particles.

I’m going to have to science the shit out of this

Oh no, did he really say that?

And I honestly did a spit-take on “Let’s go get our boy.”

But I will give it a chance. Lots of movies are better than their trailers make them out to be.

I actually kind of like this one. I’m a sucker for stories about near-future space travel, so I’m cautiously optimistic. Then again, I was cautiously optimistic for Interstellar too.

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Yeah, if it was Sean Bean stranded on Mars, I guess you could try to save him, but the heroic death is strong in this one.

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This looks great. Just one thing - how much is Mars atmospheric pressure? Because I’m not sure it can throw astronauts around like Barbie dolls.

Something like 1% of Earth’s? Basically vacuum with a lot of dust. But he gets hit by a windblown antenna fragment in the book, which I think I see it in the trailer as well. And if you don’t buy that wind could blow that, the whole plot is gone, since there is no way the storm could endanger the landing craft forcing an emergency evac.

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I dunno man, it looked like a rock to me.

I loved

I’m going to have to science the shit out of this

possibly because I recently ran across this delicious quote from actor Jake Gyllenhaal:

I believe deeply in the unconscious. That you literally accumulate the molecules of the space that you’re in. We’re like 90% water, so naturally we are going to be affected by the moon when it’s full: if the sea is, why wouldn’t we be? That seems scientific to me.

“That seems scientific to me” is my new catchphrase. Use it anytime, any place!


It varies quite a bit, same as moon dirt.

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