Trains in Japan may be disguised as barking dogs to ward off deer


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They can have the real thing from my neighbor’s dog, hasn’t stopped barking for 10 years. Going cheap too.


The linked article shows a suburban train, which makes some sense. Not a 270+ km/h Shinkansen…


Do they adjust for the doppler effect based on train speed?
Because the deer might not find it threatening if it sounds like a chihuahua.


Woof! Woof!..That’s my other dog impression.
Of course this is going to make living near the tracks even more unpleasant.


yap Yap YAp YAP BARK BARK BARK BARk BArk Bark bark woof wooof wooof woooof


Definitely an antisocial type.


madeline a receptionist at a hotel I worked at did a pretty good assault of the gouger

as did the guys in saturday night fever


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