Trans girl to politicians: “please, please, please, let us exist.”

This is a fucking shame; no one should ever have to plead just to exist in peace.


Not just politicians:

Just look at all those smiling monsters.

Rant Time:

This is a group with many MDs who have decided that their personal beliefs and bigotry override medical consensus and people’s fundamental human rights. And some are pediatricians!

They don’t give a crap about protecting children (their claim) they care about protecting their discriminatory belief system.

Fuck every single one of them, and the Osteopath board that voted the same way.

They don’t deserve to be called care givers. Medicine is supposed to be based on real evidence and improving lives, this action should be a hate crime.


Where are people getting she/her and “girl” for Lola Smith? I hear them say “I’m nonbinary” without giving pronouns.
Friendly reminder that they/them are great pronouns for everyone who hasn’t told you to refer to them otherwise.

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