Trans girl to politicians: “please, please, please, let us exist.”

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No one should have to beg to exist.

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Damn! How heartbreaking and moving. What an amazing kid.


Heartbreaking is the word. I will take issue with one point she made: a lot of the people at that meeting and some on that board are not “better than this”.


Unfortunately, they don’t care about her unless she’s not born yet. And I’m sure that even in that case, they’d make an exception for trans fetuses if they had any way to tell.


Florida seems nice.


What a brave youngster! And what an excellent speech!


And I’ll bet dollars to donuts those politicians are “christians”.


A very moving speech. Lola is lucky to have the support of the adults around her and she is right that it is not like that for too many. I am just afraid that where she lives, in this time, that eloquent plea will just be ignored. How did we get here, indeed. How do we get out of here and get to somewhere better is the question that needs answering. Maybe with enough kids like Lola we will get there.

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Maybe more of us, who are not Lola and not trans need to be pushing too, instead of leaving it up to children who some are literally trying to eliminate, to do the work.


I’m very proud of her. But adults pushing responsibility for their actions onto children is cowardly and despicable. She has enough on her plate just trying to survive and grow up.


Because not enough of you have ever given a shit.


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I saw a comment I made on the BBS in early 2016 about being trans in Britain. I do not recognise that country anymore. It ceased to exist on 24th June 2016. I remember being told that I was wrong about my worries. In hindsight I was wrong, things are worse than I imagined. We have all been crying out for six and a half years, and most people ignored us.

We got here because it was allowed to happen by people who should have known better. This is true in both the UK and the USA.


I’m certainly guilty of similar lack of believing people when they show you who they are. I said here a few years ago that they would never come after contraception.

Trans people are the canary in the coal mine - but everyone is in that mine with us.


agree without reservation. i was more referring to this entire inclusive, enlightened generation as it comes of age being able to make the change in their own way. as a good many adults do now.


Or we could ALL do something right now, was our point. When has waiting around for the “next generation” to make change ever been the right strategy?

Some large minority have decided that the change they want is authoritarianism and eliminating people they don’t like, or at least making them a social and cultural underclass. THAT is what we should all be fighting against, because they have very much made up their mind about the kind of country they want to see, and there is just not a lot of room for a whole lot of kinds of people in that country. We fight them now, or we’ve all lost.


Her plea will be ignored by the people trying to establish these laws and rules. Their reasoning will be as follows:

  1. This is a child. The child is merely reciting a speech written for her by adults with an agenda
  2. The child has been brainwashed by those adults who have convinced her that a ‘transition’ is morally right and necessary.
  3. Stopping adults from damaging and corrupting children like this is the entire point of the legislation that we must pass

i don’t believe that they think there’s a moral motive like you’re describing. that’s what they say, but it’s not what’s in their hearts

if they were worried about outcomes, they’d talk to trans people and to doctors. and that’s not what they’re doing, so this isn’t about helping children.

this is about power, and reshaping laws around trans rights is only the first step. trans people are the current target because they’re already marginalized. as these people bend and break the law, as they carve out new exceptions to medical and personal decisions they will use their hold to expand their power

this isn’t about morality. it’s literally fascism


Well sure… if we adults don’t back her up and push back against these bigots then yes, they’ll ignore her.

We need a mass movement to protect these children and all of our trans brothers and sisters.

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