Transcript of Hope Hicks’ Closed-Door Interview With Lawmakers Released

Wow they even obstruct closed-door hearings:

Mr. Collins.Okay. Mr. Purpura.–and go from there. Mr. Collins.All right. There was testimony that occurred, both in the House and the Senate? Stipulate to that? Mr. Purpura.Stipulate to that, during her time as a senior adviser. Mr. Collins.Okay. The question, did you testify voluntarily? Or in --Ms. Hicks.Yes, sir. Mr. Collins.You did. Okay. Testified voluntarily. And I’m assuming you brought a lawyer with you. Ms. Hicks.Yes, sir. Mr. Purpura.Objection. Mr. Collins.Okay. Did you provide documents to either committee? Mr. Purpura.Objection. Mr. Collins.And did you provide those documents voluntarily? Mr. Purpura.Objection. Mr. Collins.Let me ask a different question. Have you cooperated with every formal investigation over the past 2 years when your documents or testimony have been sought? Mr. Purpura.Objection.

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