Watch Kamala Harris question Kavanaugh on the Mueller probe

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Look, that liar-liar’s pants are on fire!

I wonder why she didn’t also ask, “So are you saying that to your knowledge, no one you know and have spoken with, about anything, works at that law firm?”


please please PLEASE Kamala Harris 2020…PLEASE!!!

GOD DAMN SHE NAILS HIM…“I think you know a person, but don’t want to tell us who it is.”

I will say the protesters who interrupt, yeah I wish that didn’t happen or even better I wish it didn’t need to happen.


Yeah, I’m all for them being there, but they did steal some of her thunder and lightning. Their timing could’ve been better.


It’s that. It unfortunately derails the flow. Unfortunately.


It wouldn’t be the first time he lied to congress.


Cory Booker just did something really risky and released four documents that were abusively marked confidential to prevent their release to the public

really glad we have senators like that who put country first


I thought this was a failure on the part of Senator Harris. She was treating this like a prosecutor interrogating a hostile witness when this forum is not really meant for that. You got the impression that he was supposed to say no, and then she would come surprise him with evidence to the contrary. That never happened.

His response was totally legitimate, if someone asked me if I discussed Donald Trump with an employee of law firm XYZ, my answer would be: I have no idea, I discuss Donald Trump with lots of people and I don’t ask everyone where they work. I think he could have explained his lack of ability to answer the question better, but that was basically what he said.

I think she wasted her time, she could have asked him about his opinions and decisions that would have made it clear to her and to everyone watching what kind of justice he would be and use that to help convince people to oppose him. That opportunity was missed.


It’s turning out that Kavanaugh is perjuring himself right and left. He did all sorts of dodgy things in the Bush admin (and is now lying about them, and getting caught in the lies) and is lying about conversations he’s been having more recently. Plus there’s the whole issue of the massive debt he took on (supposedly spending hundreds of thousands of dollars buying baseball tickets), which mysteriously also went away very quickly - something that a number of reporters see as deeply suspicious, but which hasn’t gotten much press time.
Dude seems to be in some shady shit, and if he’s confirmed, there’s a good chance he’ll be impeached at some point.


Harris: “Have you ever spoken to an employee of The Home Depot?”

Kavanaugh: “I would need to see a list of everyone who works there first.”


There was the person in the orange apron who I spoke to at a Home Depot, but I would have no way of knowing whether or not that person was employed by Home Depot at the time of our conversation.


I was going to ask why this commenter was flagged, but thought I should read through first. Up to this point I think the questions they raise are valid and I had similar thoughts myself. Likewise, the responses were thoughtful, of a bit combative at times. We do welcome reasonable discourse here and I rarely see someone flagged for something reasonable. This isn’t that.

You seem to have a reasonable perspective that I would welcome hearing more, but you lose the second you start making personal attacks and using hateful slurs.


I agree. Taken at face value his reply seems logical and believable, so it’s not a completely unreasonable opinion for @andreachar09 to take, but there is also plenty of evidence he was being groomed for the Supreme Court for a long time, and is being cagey or dishonest about other lines of questioning. Maybe Harris’ question goes nowhere, but it’s good she asked it.


The stance that “this isn’t necessarily anything to get excited about yet” is very reasonable, but that’s not what the now-deleted exchange was about.

In my book, you “lose” the second you start off by talking down to an entire forum of people, who don’t know you from a can of paint.

The attacks and slurs that followed came as no surprise.


Well, that de-escalated quickly!



For the record: I am never disappointed on BoingBoing discussions.


Wow! Just WOW! That ahole is lying through his teeth!

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Yes, I saw how it devolved into areas bbs does not tolerate, so it goes.