Transcript of the Army's attempt to remote-sense Martian life via astral projection

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The woo Stargate Project

An alumni of that waste of time and money was Harold E. Puthoff with a heavily padded self-edited Wikipedia entry:

And he was a contractor on that recent UFO report.


I’m not sure what I just read–but it was an interesting read. Pure fiction written by one person, or a primed subject who got wind of the session’s aim beforehand, or an imaginative subject winging it on the fly?

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John Carter could do the same thing, cheaper.


One of the funniest takeaways from The Men Who Stare at Goats was that the Army recruiting slogan “be all that you can be” was a product of the same program that sunk millions of dollars into researching astral projection and other magical Jedi powers.


Jesus H Christ, why do I always miss out on all the fun?


why do it? well duh because the aliens are interdimensional time travelers and they keep invading our airspace! So some generals want to find out where they come from so they can nuke them. it’s all right there on youtube.

Wait, you work as a “psychic spy”, if you ever validated any of your info (double blind study or the like) you would no longer believe in your own skills. Maybe he just doubted his skill in improvising plausible sounding scenarios based on literally nothing?

This is not surprising considering that an actual General (Stubblebine, I think) thought that there was no reason he could not walk thru walls. He also conducted ‘psychic’ war with General Noriega.

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