Transfixing videos of industrial machinery accompanied by electronic music

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I could watch videos of competent, confident, and classy manufacturing like this all day long. In fact I think I might. I still have some vacation time I need to use.

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What is the name for that type of spring that works by resistance to uncoiling instead of resistance to compression? Like those in clothespins as opposed to those in car suspensions.

@Cunk: Have you watched How It’s Made?

Are you thinking about tension springs?

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Makes me wish Printer Jam had been shot as a documentary.

Much respect for automation engineers all over the world!
I get geeked out on braiding machines.
Braiding Machine

I’ve enjoyed How It’s Made now and then but I’m often disappointed by what they choose to feature. How to make some kitchen appliance is boring (“Now this worker is attaching the control panel and securing it with screws.”). How to make complex springs is interesting. I feel like HIM features more of the former than the latter but it has been some time since I’ve seen it.

It’s fun to skip the beginning, mute the sound, and see how long it takes to figure out what’s being made.

I could sit and watch/listen for hours. So interesting, and oddly comforting in the repetition. Granted, I used to sit and watch the old Windows defragmentor for hours too.

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