Transphobe Phillip Lee


That was good optics on his part, wasn’t it? Well played, sir. :sunglasses:


It’s a shame he is a homophobe, but you can’t have everything perfect.


Oh yeah. For those unfamiliar with his homophobic track record…


Wasn’t Tim Farron also kind of iffy on gay rights?


Yeah, very iffy due to it conflicting with his religious beliefs. So he maintained. He could never commit to saying it wasn’t a sin.

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That’s because it is a sin. Luckily sin is a meaningless made-up concept so it doesn’t really matter. It’s a weird thing for people to focus on (unless you’re a devout gay christian I guess). It’s odd that people focus on going to hell for being gay, but don’t have a problem with the myriad other silly things that they can send you to hell for. If someone thinks I’m going to hell it really doesn’t bother me, because hell isn’t real. As long as they’re not going to be a dick to me in the real world…

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Being gay is one of the sins “good Christians” will leverage violence, including state violence, to suppress . I don’t recall hearing the same about other Levitican prohibitions such as wearing a shirt of two fibres.


True, there are many christians like that, that would fall under the ‘being a dick in the real world’ thing I mentioned. Farron isn’t one of those christians though luckily, and while he doesn’t have a perfect legislative record on gay rights issues, few parliamentarians do, it’s pretty decent.

Oh, yeah. I just meant to illuminate why people can be so twitchy about a politician holding those kinds of views in a country that brought such legislative gems as Section 28.

Fallon is about as harmless as a person with those views can be in that regard.


Yeah, I guess it’s understandable. Even if it’s wrong.


Edit: sorry, I somehow thought that this was some thread about queer rights, it the Irish backstop. If someone could move this post, I’d be totally down for that, just don’t know to do it myself.


Gay (and trans, and what have you) people are an easy target, both for preachers and the audiences, because your average straight person doesn’t really have any interest in having gay sex.

This is much easier and more comfortable, than talking about the sins like greed, or pride, or treating the poor people and the prisoners and the foreigners like shit, all of which are things the Bible constantly condemns.


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