Transvaginal foetal sonic bombardment: woo-tunes for your hoo-hah


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I remember Baby Einstein. Where are all those Baby Einsteins now?


There’s that “woo” again. Must be something Cory disbelieves!


So a quick google says that fetuses begin to develop hearing around week 18, with it fully developed by weeks 23-27. But the article seems to claim a ‘hoo-hah speaker’ (!!!) would be effective almost from the moment of conception. Am I missing something here?


The earlier that all pregnant women install a Hoo ha speaker, the better it is for the Hoo ha speaker manufacturer. I believe this is the only efficaciousness they give a shit about.


Yeah, that was kinda what I was getting at. Think I really just wanted to add ‘hoo-hah speaker’ to my lexicon.


The whole headline needs to be the name & first album title for a noise band.


I can not like this notion enough.


That’s what I was going to say! Best band name and album title of the day!


Toiling in obscurity in a patent office somewhere?


I’m pretty sure that optimal audio fidelity was not something I was particularly concerned about in the womb. OK, OK, sure, that’s just me.

But, um; this thing goes into ladyparts and produces customizable patterns of vibration. So I have to wonder if the advertised use is the intended use… like those “massage wands” I see advertised…


You’re still not going to get optimal fidelity unless you spring for the rectal subwoofer.


(at work, or I’d work harder.)


Obligatory Raymond Scott!


Wait, is this like a Beats bluetooth speaker that you can lube up and take from room to room? In your hoo-hah? 'Cause I’m on board with that.


My daughter got a 2280 SAT. I ascribe that entirely to Baby Einstein. What other explanation could there be?


The baby einsteins are probably out marrying their cousins (after being turned down by their cousin’s progeny).

Speaking of the opposite of the intention behind the product – This album’s name leads me to wonder if it’s made specifically to play through the Babypod in order to create kids with lower-than-average IQ and/or a greater affinity for humanoid robots?


I have all 3 of those CDs. Pretty neat stuff actually.


Must be something with no scientific support being sold to gullible idiots as if it has any value other than psychological for the buyer.


Their diagram of the speaker in position. The one in the entry above is one of those ineffective outside speakers.
(I could not bring myself to watch the video. also will it hook up to a combo womanizer/mp3player?)