Travel warning: four days until Trump's shut-down costs TSA screeners their first paycheck


Absolutely. Unfortunately, they aren’t going to be the people who can bring pressure.

When the business starts losing money, then he’ll face the heat.

OTOH, given his love of fast food… as opposed to an outbreak in something healthy like romaine, imagine the panic if he hears about listeria in his favourite junky snacks.


This is just Trump not wanting to piss off Ann Coulter. I can’t even imagine what he’d do if he actually thought he was going down. (Although part of the problem here is that Trump has absolutely no idea what the federal government does, and what the consequences of shutting it down are. And since he’s incapable/unwilling to learn, he’ll never understand it, either.)


Eventually, enough rich people would be affected that not only would McConnell put the appropriations to a vote in the Senate, it would have a veto proof majority. Trump has a history of overplaying his hand, and this looks like a case of that.


Because with gov funds tied up any new contracts of any sort are put on hold or cancelled. This will make Defense contractors more than a little pissed off.


From what I’ve read, they already have a veto-proof majority. It’s only because McConnell won’t allow it to be put to the vote that nothing’s happening. This is starting off unpopular, even with Republicans. McConnell’s in this weird position where he hates Trump, but Trump is significantly more popular than he is with his constituents.


The United States can never terminate useless overhead. Perhaps that will change if enough TSA workers walk out. If so, we should tank them.

The TSA is all about security theater. They will NEVER stop an attack.


This is what I don’t understand.

We know that it’s impossible to negotiate or reach any deal with Trump ahead of time. He changes position, changes his statements, and contradicts himself so often that it’s impossible to depend on any statement for longer than a few seconds. You can’t even assume that if the Vice President makes a deal that he’ll support it. So, there’s really no point in counting on anything he says ahead of time. If a bill to sign isn’t right in front of him, you’ve got no idea if he’ll sign it or not. So, it’s impossible for McConnel to know if any bill will be acceptable to trump before actually sending it to him.

We know Trump has never vetoed anything.

Which makes me think, they should just pass what they have and see what happens.


It would be interesting to see. Though I suspect Trump might actually veto something for once, here - he’s allowed himself to be maneuvered such that his back is against the wall right now, and he doesn’t feel like he has any other option than to be obstinate.


I’m stocking up on cartons of cigarettes right now!


Citation needed.


I have to agree… people keep claiming that McConnell hates trump and will stand up to him if push comes to shove, but he’s shown literally no inclination to do so, instead go right along with whatever he wants…


It’s been reported that he is having the best time of his "life’ under trump. He’s in like Flynn basking in the orange glow of oppression and greed.


Speaking of the Turtle…

More concerned about optics than say perhaps managing the FAA, TSA, Ports of Entry, etc… during the shut down.


“Hate” is too strong a word, probably - but his early statements about Trump indicated that he thought he was a dangerous ignoramus. Then Trump won. Just because he doesn’t like him, doesn’t mean he’s not happy to use him.

Well, that, McConnell has never indicated, I have to say. It’s always been clear that McConnell would happily go along with and suck up to Trump for his own benefit, even if he thought Trump was an idiot who would destroy the country if left to his own devices. Why let a little thing like that stop him from supporting Trump and advancing his own agenda?



About 1,900 air traffic controllers — nearly one in every five — are eligible to retire right now.

“I don’t know how long they’re going to stay on the job if they are not getting a paycheck,” said Paul Rinaldi, president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

There is an even larger group of recently hired trainees and apprentices, and Rinaldi said a long shutdown could cause some of them to take other jobs.

What goes around…


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