Traveling exhibition of original Star Wars costumes


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Lucasfilm: We’ve got a fantastic piece of film history we’d like to donate to your collection!

Smithsonian: Uh… thanks, but we aren’t really in the market for one of those right now…


Lucas held on to many of the materials from his early films.

He hasn’t made any… changes… to them over the years, has he?

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SO excited for this exhibit! My band (D20 Brass Band) gets to play the opening night party (1/30) and opening day (1/31 in the morning). If you’re there come say “hi” – I’m the bald trumpet player. :smile:

Oh well now I’m sorry I didn’t get my tickets for the party! I was disappointed by the EMP’s Halloween party so I decided to skip this one. I’m hitting the exhibit for my birthday instead.

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