The world of Star Wars vintage apparel collecting


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i used to have one of those pewter R2-D2 necklaces back in the day. it wasn’t for a charm bracelet. i remember that the connecting bar for his two outer legs was pretty soft and weak, and broke after awhile. but they swung and everything.


I think that I had it too – might still be in a drawer back home…
Edit: I think that the eyelet broke off of mine, so it just became a little figurine.


OMG that pic brings back memories. I didn’t have nearly the Star Wars collection my better to do cousin had - but my grandma evened things up at Christmas and I got the Death Star set. Actually Have two of them, as I broke several of the support beams and my mom sent them in for a replacement and Kenner sent a whole new one.

I still have several sets of pajamas, underwear and sheets my mom saved.


Star Wars clothing has you covered
I saw that.

I had no idea these had a non-ironic precedent.


Giving my Yoda blanket to Goodwill now seems like a bad idea. I did, however, get cash for the ceramic lamps of R2-D2, Yoda, and Darth Vader an aunt made for me. They were so unusual I thought they might not sell, but when I took them to a place that deals in collectibles the guy said, “Where did you get these? They’re awesome!”


just visiting my parents and found this photo from around 1983(?). Only noticed the shirt after i snapped a picture of the print with my phone.


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