Traveling with silly expensive headphones, the Westone 3 and Bowers & Wilkins P5

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I have read people complain about these issues, but don’t have this myself. The seal is great, and chewing or opening my mouth do not break it. [/quote]

Lucky for you. Different stuff works for different people. I wish custom molds worked for me. But they don’t. And I have given it the full college try, with remolds, adjustments, sanding, re-dips, etc. For me, IEMs with flanges or foams are the way to go. They are more comfortable for wearing for long periods of time, easier to get in and out of my ears, etc. And they don’t require remolding. Custom molds may need to be re cast as the shape of your ear can change over years.

I might try custom molds again at some time in the future, but it will be a while since it didn’t work out for me and was a time and money sink with a limited payoff.

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